Some People Are Saying That Robin Thicke Is Dating a 19-Year-Old

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Seeing how his attempt to reconcile with Paula Patton has become one of 2014’s biggest flops, it’s no surprise that Robin Thicke has since moved on romantically. Seeing how this is the Robin “Blurred Lines” Thicke — the man who may have stolen a Marvin Gaye song and rehashed it with lyrics hinting about date rape — that we’re talking about, it’s also no surprise that his latest relationship will also make you want to side-eye him until your eyeballs start spazzing out of control.

According to TMZ, Thicke’s latest squeeze is April Love Geary, a model who is almost 20 years his minor. To put things into perspective, this means Thicke is now dating someone who wasn’t even alive when the singer first met his ex-wife as a teenager. Take a moment to let that sink in.

Geary, who was quoted saying she is 19 in an interview conducted earlier this year, is said to be so serious with the Thicke that she’s been staying over at the marital home the 37-year-old once shared with Patton. The model previously posted selfies taken around room Thicke’s mansion, but has since removed them from her Instagram after internet sleuths figured out where the photo were really shot.

TMZ also reports that Thicke took Geary on a Halloween shopping spree for skimpy Grecian costumes and had her meet his son.

According to Geary’s page on her modeling agency’s website, she is 5’11” and her dress size is a 2 or 4. Presumably as to not freak Thicke out, her birthday has been left out of her profile.