James Franco, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Carver Filmed Hot Sex Scene for ‘Michael’

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Are you ready for this?

James Franco, Zachary Quinto and Charlie Carver will appear in a threesome scene in the upcoming film Michael.

The film is a biopic about Michael Glatze, an ex-gay activist who as a young man edited Young Gay America magazine, before in later life renouncing homosexuality and marrying a woman.

A source told E!, “They first meet in a club. The music is pumping. It’s the eighties! When Charlie’s character questions Franco about having a boyfriend, Franco says, ‘He’d like you, too.’”

The scene then cuts to the bedroom, where the guys are naked, ‘intertwined and “kissing,” the source said. “You see their asses.”‘

OMG. Their asses!

Directed and co-written by Justin Kelly and produced by Gus Van Sant, Michael also stars Emma Roberts, and Chris Zylka (of The Leftovers) plays one of his exes.

James is currently in Paris where he attended the opening of his art exhibition at Galerie Cinema. Launch the gallery above to see more photos from that event.

(Photo: James Franco/Facebook)