That Leaked Photo of Kevin Federline’s Penis is Not Real

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Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline
A look at Kevin through the years.
For those of you hoping to get a glimpse of Kevin Federline’s penis are going to be sadly disappointed.

A photo of Kevin grabbing ahold of his manhood and looking as if he’s going to engage in some self-gratification.

Sources close to Federline say that the photo is definitely Photoshopped.

First, he has several tattoos that aren’t present in the viral image. Also, his “goods” are a lot larger.

Ah, okay. The penis in the alleged photo (do a quick search on Tumblr and it will pop up pretty fast) is pretty big, so I guess we all now know why Britney Spears was with Kevin for as long as she was. It wasn’t for the stimulating conversation.