Top 15 Netflix Movies to Binge-Watch Over Thanksgiving Break

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Adam Sandler & Netflix!?
The actor is set to make four new movies with Netflix!

It’s finally here! Now that it’s officially Thanksgiving break, we can unapologetically sit in our pajamas, cuddle up in a blanket next to the fireplace, and put that Netflix account to good use!

To make your Turkey-days just a little bit sweeter, Celebuzz has put together a gallery full of Netflix movies to binge-watch during your much-deserved time off. Well sure, you don’t have to watch them back to back, but we wouldn’t judge you if you did!

Whether you’re into the best rom-coms, independent films, movies with historical value, or full blown zombie-apocolypse flicks, we have something for your tastes to be satisfied–at the very least, intrigued!

Check out the gallery to see some tantalizing movie-choices that are available with your Netflix monthly membership!

After you take a look at our gallery, let us know what you think! Which movies will you be watching over the holiday break? Sound off in the comments!