Azealia Banks Slams Iggy Azalea, Wants to Throw a Jar of Piss at Rapper’s Head

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Iggy Slams Eminem
Iggy Azalea slams Eminem after rapper threatens to rape her.
Azealia Shades Big Butts
Azealia Banks has things to say about girls with big butts.

Iggy Azalea may want the addresses of the nearest emergency centers because she just got BURNED by fellow rapper Azealia Banks.

During a time when J.Cole is throwing shade at white stars for appropriating black culture and cities around the U.S. are calling for justice for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Banks has decided to take it upon herself to bash Azalea for not supporting to African-American community during a time of strife.

Taking the feud to a place where she knows Azalea monitors, Twitter, the “212” hitmaker slams the “Fancy” emcee and gives her an expletive-filled smack down of a lifetime. Banks, who has never been one to back down on calling out fellow musicians, tweets:

Banks also takes a dig at Azalea, who is currently in a relationship with NBA star Nick Young, and her affinity for dating black men. She writes:

Though Azalea proved time and time again that she’s not afraid to fight back on Twitter, the Australian star has chosen a more subtle approach in her response to Banks comments. Here’s her passive aggressive sub-tweet on the matter: