Hailey Baldwin Straddles Justin Bieber During Late Night Studio Visit

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Doing it with Bieber
Is Selena Gomez singing about banging Bieber in new song?
New love?
Has Justin Bieber moved on from Selena Gomez and on to Hailey Baldwin?
Looks like there’s love brewing between a Baldwin beauty and the beast Bieber. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieberwere spotted canoodling earlier this week outside of Justin’s studio in LA! Hailey could not get any closer, as her legs were wrapped fully around him in these new photos.

Word on the street is Justin Beiber was also kicked out of his condo, officially moved out on Monday, and is still looking for a new place to rent. Is he playing house with Hailey in the meanwhile?!

TMZ reported that Justin moved out of his Beverly Hills condo because he “terrorized his neighbors since he signed the lease back in June.” Cops have showed up on multiple occasions, many complaints have been filed, and they’ve even hired extra security.

Despite the fact that Beiber is basically now homeless, he’s still got a pretty active dating life.

Late night studio visits, intimate hugs, attending church together, basketball game dates… Justin, 20, and Hailey, 18,  have been seen together a lot in the past month.

They spent the entire day together Tuesday, having lunch at Spago in Beverly Hills before Justin took Hailey to his recording session. Has the Biebs officially moved on from first love Selena Gomez, and onto a Baldwin?

You tell us. Check out the gallery above to see all the questionably romantic pics!