Lady Gaga Channels Jessica Rabbit in NYC

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Showing off her lady lumps is nothing new for Lady Gaga, but her latest look in New York is absolutely breathtaking…not to mention very reminiscent of a certain rabbit-loving, animated vixen.

Red has apparently become her new color, as this is the second time this week she’s stepped out of the house wearing it head to toe. But judging from the pictures in the gallery above, it’s working for her in all the right ways.

From the sleek silhouette to the things it’s doing for her bust, this look gets an A+ from us. And whatever your opinion may be, we should at least agree it’s most definitely an improvement from the inflatable mess she donned in Paris.

Make sure to check out every angle of the look in the gallery above and let us know what you think of the sultry look in the comments below.