‘Girls’ Season 4 Trailer: What’s the Plan?

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'Girls' S4 Preview
Hannah (Lena Dunham) falls off her bike.
With the premiere date just around the corner, HBO has unveiled another teaser from Girls season 4.

In a mere 60 seconds, viewers are reminded that the new season is basically more of the same.

Marnie is now dating that musician guy but she’s being very Marnie about it; Shoshanna is kinda sorta still hung up on Ray; Hannah needs to plan her future with Adam; Jessa is still a cool cat.

Adam’s sister, played by the amazing Gaby Hoffmann, looks like she’s still around and living with Laird (!), avec baby bump.

There are plenty of hugs in the trailer, along with an anthem to get you pumped up for being young and confused.

Girls season 4 premieres on HBO on Jan. 11.