Kate Upton’s Boobs Make Up for Her Acting in ‘Game of War’ Trailer

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No one ever said Kate Upton was a great actress, but if sex sells then she’s your go-to girl.

The 22-year-old model is making the video gaming world a lot sexier, playing the role of Athena in the commercials for Game of War: Fire Age.  And while her acting leaves much to be desired, let’s face it: it’s not the words coming out of her mouth that everyone’s paying attention to…

The blonde beauty–who recently chopped her hair into a long bob–wears a tiny silver corset that puts her boobs on full display as she bounces up and down while riding a horse.

“Listen, that’s destiny calling,” she says in the clip obtained by the Daily Mail. “It’s daring you to seize it! Some of you will die on this day, but stand with your alliance, and there’s nothing to fear other than what’s about to come out of those trees.”

“Even though the minotaur has never lost, I believe in you,” she continues. As a monster appears from the woods, she pulls out her own sword, leading the army behind her into battle as she charges full speed ahead–boobs and everything!

Watch the full trailer in the video above!