Lorde: I’m a Dumpster Diver

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True to her words in “Royals,” Lorde isn’t about a life of “jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.”

In a new interview with Stella, British newspaper The Telegraph‘s weekly magazine supplement, the two-time Grammy winner admits she likes to go dumpster diving in her spare time, rummaging through other people’s trash back in New Zealand.

“See, I’m boring because my favorite thing to do is trawl the inorganics. Do you have inorganics here?” Lorde muses when she asked about the most extravagant thing she has treated herself since becoming famous. As it turns out, her hometown has a reuse/recycling initiative where citizens leave their bulky, unwanted items out on the street during a period each year.

“It stays on the street for a few days and then it’s collected and put into a landfill somewhere. But people drive around and go through other people’s household rubbish. And, honestly, I’ve gotten amazing furniture, shoes, hats, jackets,” she explains. “I did this three weeks ago! Recognised every single time. So embarrassing!”

I guess that kind of luxe really isn’t for Lorde.