Justin Bieber Strangles Chris Brown in New Photo

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LOL! Violence! OMG so funny! 

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are front and center in a new photo that’s creating a lot of controversy. Shared by Bieber, the what is supposed to be a light-hearted snapshot of the Canadian crooner jokingly choking his pal is receiving a lot of backlash when people realized that these two stars both have had assault charges slapped against them in real life.

Bieber has lashed out at numerous paparazzi in the pastincluding not one, but two incidents involving his on-again, off-again girlfriendSelena Gomez — and allegedly assaulted a limousine driver back in Canada. The charges for the latter case has since been dropped.

Meanwhile, Brown’s violent past include attacking then-girlfriend Rihanna and beating her to a pulp, brawling with Frank Ocean and punching a man outside of a Washington D.C. hotel.

Given their past histories, many fans are asking Bieber to take down the photo in question.

Not so funny now, eh?