Selena Gomez Reportedly Cried Over Justin Bieber at Taylor Swift’s Birthday Party

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Another day, another story about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

This time the murmur comes from SelGo’s BFF Taylor Swift’s star-studded birthday party over the weekend.

Apparently, while the birthday girl was snapping selfies and eating baked goods (or whatever happens at a Taylor Swift birthday party) with her guests, Selena was getting teary eyed over her ex on Swift’s upper terrace.

“She shouted, ‘No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn’t even understand me,” according to an Us Weekly source, who added that bystanders like Sam Smith “just stared [at her].”

Poor Sam Smith. And poor Selena Gomez.

Just the other day, the “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer told a radio station in Norwaythat she is in fact a single lady right now. Still, the Biebs remains on her radar.

“I definitely have so much respect and love for him,” Selena said of the Canadian pop star.

Ah, young love.