Lady Gaga Got Words of Wisdom from a Stripper

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A stripper told Lady Gaga what?!

During her appearance on the Tonight Show last night, Lady Gaga recalls the time she went on a romantic, chivalrous date to a strip club in Atlanta (because of course), where a fabulous 65-70 year old stripper told her some honest thoughts about Gaga after doing a routine to “Poker Face’! Little did she know, she was talking to Lady Gaga herself.

Gaga explained to Jimmy Fallon, afterwards apologizing to her legendary collaborator Tony Bennett:

I think my story is probably less classy than Tony’s… I get advice a lot, because many people don’t know what I look like because I like to change so much. And I was at the Clairmont Lounge in Atlanta, the strip club? I was on a date! Yes, it was very romantic, chivalry! And the night was called, ‘Where Strippers Go to Die’. So I think the woman must have been 65, 70 years old and was stripping and she was fabulous, and she was going something to ‘Poker Face’. And she had no panties on. It was, you know, I’m sorry Tony. So she leans over and she goes, ‘You know that Lady Gaga, she can really sing. If she took all those close off, and she just sang, she would be great!’ And I was like, ‘Mm hmm…Well you’ve certainly taken all of your clothes off! So you know, maybe in some ways, I took her advice.

At the end, when Lady Gaga revealed to the stripper who she was, she asked Gaga to “sign a beer can that she crushed between her breasts.”

“Showbiz!” Gaga declared at the end to Jimmy.

Watch the funny interview with Tony and Gaga in the video above!

Below is a performance from their Grammy nominated album, Cheek to Cheek.