Father of the Year, Mathew Knowles, Has Garage Sale Hawking Beyonce and Solange’s Old Stuff

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Father of the Year, Mathew Knowles, has Garage sale Hawking Beyonce and solange's old stuff and tour merchandise

Bey + Blue
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Beyoncé and Solange Knowles‘ estranged father Mathew Knowles held a garage sale – and because he knew the clock was ticking down for our Douche of the Year award, he’s selling his daughters’ old tour merchandise to make some extra bucks to pay child support to all of his baby mamas.

TMZ reported on Knowles’ massive garage sale of “top dollar” Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé memorabilia, and “bargain bin” Solange items.

According to TMZ:

Beyonce’s dad is trying to make ends meet by unloading tons of her souvenirs from her career in a massive garage sale — which also features Solange stuff … in the bargain bin.

As we’ve told you … Mathew Knowles is having baby mama troubles — which might explain why he started selling off some Bey treasures outside his office in Houston last Friday.

As of Monday, there were plenty of items available … including a giant Beyonce poster for $200, old tour books for $20, and various pieces of House of Dereon clothing. On a budget? You can find a Solange CD for $1.96.

If you didn’t know, Mathew probably needs the extra dough to pay child support to not one baby mama, but two. Mathew has a son with Alexsandra Wright (the woman with whom he cheated on Tina) in 2010, and most recently, news broke that he and a woman named TaQoya Branscomb (who was allegedly friends with Solange) had a secret lovechild also in 2010.

Needless to say, this was around the time Beyoncé fired him as her tour manager.

Mathew should probably take his stock of Solange goods out of the bargain bin and double his prices, because she’s amazing and not to mention, she’s not one to piss off…especially after witnessing #ElevatorGate.

Just saying… 

TMZ also reports Mathew is selling office furniture, in case Beyoncé/Solange memorabilia isn’t your thing, and that “Mathew shunned an attempt to haggle the oversized Beyonce poster down to $145 … standing firm at two hundy.”

Well,  so much for ’tis the season.