‘Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons’ Recap: Five Shocking Moments You Missed on Last Night’s Episode

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Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian
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Kourt & Khloe: Hamptons
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Last night’s episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons was crazy! There was so much drama, and we’re going to break it all down for you.

In the latest episode of the reality show, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian get into a big argument! Why? What happened? Check out our recap of the five most shocking moments you missed on last night’s episode below to find out!

Each week, we’re letting you know all about the latest episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take the Hamptons. This episode was called, “A House Divided.” There was a lot of drama on Sunday’s show, and we’re telling you the five most shocking moments below!

1. Kourtney goes to visit boyfriend Scott Disick‘s house in the Hamptons. The house belonged to Scott’s parents, but they both recently passed away. Since their passing, no one has been taking care of the house. It’s too hard for Scott to go to the house, so Kourtney goes to see what condition it’s in. When she walks in the house, Kourtney says it smells “musty” and bugs are everywhere. Kourtney decides that she wants to make improvements on the house and possibly keep it for their family. After her visit, Kourtney starts to tell Scott about the house, but he doesn’t want to hear about it. It’s clear that it’s too difficult for him to talk about. At the end of the episode, Scott decides he wants to sell the house.

2. While Khloé and Kourtney are driving, Khloé gets a call from her then-boyfriend, French Montana. When the conversation is over, Khloé reveals in her commentary that French calls her “5,000 times a day.” Seconds later, French FaceTime’s Khloé, and Kourtney is clearly annoyed. She grabs the phone from Khloé and hangs up on him! Kourtney then says to Khloé, “I can’t take the meaningless conversations all day.” To which Khloé replies, “How do you think I feel?”

3. Khloé takes two of the DASH employees, Caroline and Durrani, out to a club with her best friend Malika. The girls have a great time, but Kourtney isn’t pleased when Khloé tells her about the club experience. Kourtney tells Khloé, “Taking Caroline and Durrani out to a club, that’s crossing a line in my opinion, I don’t think you should make it a habit.” But Khloé doesn’t understand why Kourtney’s so upset.

4. Cameras catch Khloé reacting to French Montana’s arrest. French gets arrested, but Khloé doesn’t seem to care too much about the arrest itself. She tells Kourtney and Scott, “I’m more mad that he had time to Instagram and not respond to my text.” The conversation then takes a turn when Khloé reveals that she doesn’t want a boyfriend. She tells Kourtney and Scott, “I don’t, like, he could be the best person in the world, it’s nothing against French, I just think I don’t want a boyfriend.” To which Scott replies, “You need some time.” Khloé then reveals, “I jumped into something because I was just like lonely and destructive but now I’m like, I just want to be alone.” Scott tells Khloé, “You gotta grieve, your old marriage.” Talking about Lamar Odom, Khloé says, “I’m still married.”

5. Even though Kourtney wasn’t pleased about Khloé hanging out with Caroline and Durrani, Khloé invites the girls to have lunch with her, Kourtney and their friend, Jonathan Cheban. In her commentary, Khloé says, “I know Kourtney doesn’t think we should hang out that much, she thinks there should be like a line in the sand. I just don’t want our workspace to be like that.” When the girls arrive, Kourtney gets pissed and ends up leaving lunch early. When Khloé gets home, her and Kourtney argue! But, they talk and Kourtney realizes she was rude to the girls at lunch.

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