Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Deny Split, But Will They Marry Soon?

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Eva & RyGos' Baby
Details on Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's new daughter.
Rumors began swirling last week that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were heading for a breakup (and we all thought our Christmas dreams of Gos under our tree might just come true).

However, the couple is denying the rumors and doing just fine, spending Christmas together with their two families and even discussing marriage.

A source close to the duo tell E! News, “[They] think the tabloid reports about trouble are ridiculous… They just roll their eyes, they honestly don’t care.”

The rumors allegedly began because R. Gos has been filming nonstop in Atlanta throughout Dec. with no visit from Eva, which caused wild speculation about the status of their relationship.

However, the insider says it’s simply a matter of privacy.

“Ryan and Eva are super-super-private. The last thing they’d do is bring a baby, who’s barely 3 months old, to a film set teeming with paparazzi,” the source explains.  “Ryan specifically wanted it like this—with paps following him in Atlanta, they’re mostly leaving Eva and the baby alone.”

But that doesn’t mean things are rough!  In fact, Gosling was able to step away from work for the holidays, spending “a wonderful Christmas together” with Mendes, Esmeralda and their two families.

So, if they aren’t heading for splitsville, what about marriage?

According to the insider, the couple is happy with the dynamics of their little family of three at the moment.  “Neither felt the need to get married, it’s just not a huge priority for either of them. They know what they have,” the source explains.

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