Jessica Simpson Talks “Healthy” Sex Life, Future Children With Husband Eric Johnson

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It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson likes to say whatever is on her mind. (See: any episodes of Newlyweds.)

So, when she sat down with InStyle magazine, the star got candid about her sex life with Eric Johnson, whether or not they’re going to have more kids and why her new husband never told her to “put the brownie down” when she gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy.

“I’d been scrutinized about my weight before I got pregnant, so I refused to let anyone steal the joy of my babies,” she said. “My husband and I were looking at old pictures recently, and I asked him, ‘Babe, why didn’t you tell me to put the brownie down?’ He said, ‘You looked great.’ He’s always loved every curve on my body.”

The singer added, “And we’ve always had a healthy sex life.”

So, are Simpson, 34, and Johnson, 35, planning to make yet another baby with that healthy sex life? Well, not quite. According to the mom-of-two, taking care of Maxwell Drew and Ace Knuteis already enough.

“I don’t think so,” she replied when asked if she’s planning to expand her brood. “Having two kids back-to-back was hard on my body. But if I do have more, I wouldn’t want them to read this and think they weren’t wanted!”