This is Probably Channing Tatum’s Sex Playlist

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Channing's Dance
Channing Tatum does his best 'Dirty Dancing' moves for 'SNL.'
If you ever need help getting in the mood, envisioning Channing Tatum doing it to his sexy-time playlist will probably get you there.

Yes, it seems the world has stumbled upon the Magic Mike star’s full blown, 45-minute sex playlist on YouTube, and just as you’d probably expect, it’s pretty raunchy.

But how was this playlist discovered and how can we rest assured it actually belongs to the super hunk?

Well, when the Sony emails leaked last month, celebrities’ email addresses and screennames were also unveiled.  The username Tatum went by is “PoeticalMotion,” and there just so happens to be a YouTube user who goes by the same name, according to Defamer.

The selection of videos on PoeticalMotion’s playlist include: Jodeci‘s “Come and Talk to Me,” a video titled “Bare Knuckles Fight in Gym Class” as well as a reel featuring a British gymnast named Damien Walters showing off some parkour moves–all of which seem right up Tatum’s alley.

And the best video of the pack?  A playlist titled “2014 Sex Songs Mix Bedroom Magic,” which includes the song “Take You Down” by Chris Brown–the song Tatum broke out in a sexy dance to in the first Magic Mike movie.

Another clue that tells us this is Tatum?  The PoeticalMotion Google+ account (which is linked to YouTube) is friends with his Foxcatcher co-star Mark Ruffalo.

Maybe it’s all just a coincidence, but we’re going with the probable answer that this is, indeed, Tatum’s YouTube channel.  And thus we can enjoy the below 45-minute sex playlist while envisioning what he’s doing when listening to it… You’re welcome.