Azealia Banks Slams Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco in Yet Another Racially Charged Twitter Rant

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Azealia Banks is calling out her fellow emcees again and this time, she’s actually not going afterIggy Azalea.

After reading Kendrick Lamar‘s Billboard cover story about in which the rapper spoke about personal issues with police mistreatment and the Michael Brown shooting, Banks took to Twitter to launch a verbal assault on the Grammy nominated artist. Quoting Lamar, Banks slammed the “Backseat Freestyle” hitmaker for saying some of the “dumbest shit” she has apparently “ever heard a black man say.”

She wrote in an expletive-filled rant:

And Lamar wasn’t the only musician to feel the wrath of Banks. The “212” rapper also lashed out at Lupe Fiasco in her lengthy tirade.

In the past, Banks dissed Azalea for cultural misappropriation and her alleged indifference for the African-America community. When T.I.stepped in the quell the situation, Banks also trashed him and accused him of being “indoctrinated and conditioned” to defend white people.