Mark Wahlberg’s Wife Slams Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad

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Biebs' Calvin Ads
Justin Bieber straddles a model in his Calvin Klein ads.
Bieber Photoshopped
Justin Bieber's body gets a dramatic transformation.
Not everyone is thrilled about Justin Bieber‘s bulge.

While fangirls everywhere are ogling at the singer’s latest Calvin Klein ads, Mark Wahlberg‘s wife, Rhea Durham, isn’t too about happy the sexy black-and-white adverts. As the spouse of a previous CK underwear model, the mother-of-four needlessly has a few things to say about Bieber filling in her husband’s old boxer briefs shoes.

She tweets:

After presumably receiving backlash from Beliebers eager to defend their idol, Durham then goes on to explain that she has nothing against the popstar and that she is simply bias when it comes to Calvin Klein ads. (I mean, can you blame the girl?)

Durham’s accusations come just on the heels of the release of Bieber’s unaltered photos for the ad, in which it’s clear that body hair has been Photoshopped onto the 20-year-old. So, you know, she may have had a point.