Celebrity Hairstylists Paul Norton and Denis De Souza Dish on Golden Globes Trends

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The Golden Globes are one of the biggest awards shows of the season, so it’s absolutely essential that celebrities are looking and feeling their best!

While attire is one of the most important aspects of the red carpet, we can’t forget that part of landing on the Best Dressed list is making sure the hair matches the look.  We’ve seen up-dos and long waves, fake bobs and transformed color, some out of control curls and even a bowl cut (we’re talking to you Lena Dunham)… So let’s just say we’re more than excited to see what this year has to bring!

We have celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton (who will be styling House of Cards actress Robin Wright and Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez) and colorist to the stars Denis De Souza (who will be working with Jenna Tatum and several others for the show) to break down what we’re sure to see!

What styling trends can we expect on the red carpet this year?

Paul Norton: I envision hair being all over the board this year–Anywhere from down and “undone” to Old-Hollywood glamorous, more refined and chic. Messiness will also be a trend in ways not often seen on such a major carpet.

What about color trends?

Denis De Souza: I think after years of ombré and sombré , we’re going to start seeing colors with lots of pop and contrast. Though we will still see a lot of ombré/sombré because it is so practical, I believe we will see a lot of minimalism on the red carpet this season–girls that covered up their highlights and went really dark with rich espresso colors, dark chocolates, toffee.  We’ll also see the introduction of a new hot trend the “BABY-LIGHTS.” These are very fine highlights, usually 1-1/2 shade lighter than your natural hair color, which breaks up the color ever so softly so as to mimic younger hair shades and tones– as if the hair was naturally highlighted.

How do you decide when to style hair up or down for the red carpet?

PN: The dress plays into this decision a lot.  The neck line makes a big difference to me personally, but also the feeling of the dress is normally something you want to offset.  For example, if it is a super formal dress, a great way to modernize it is to wear the hair down in a more disheveled way.

How will you decide to what hairstyle to give Robin Wright (who’s nominated!) this year?

PN: With Robin, the style always boils down to a feeling.  We often greet the day with a new mood and our hair should reflect that! Always a little different, even if just with the most minor of details!

What is the key to flawless hair to help celebs feels confident all night?

PN: Confidence often times begins during the glam process. It’s my job as a professional to set the mood of positivity and enthusiasm so the second my girl walks out the door she doesn’t have a second to worry about the stress that lay ahead! Also, a good hair spray!

What about for different hair hues on the carpet?

DDS: Hair color is about personality–it comes from within and you externalize it. It really depends on how they are feeling at the moment. If they’re feeling very introspective and their hair colorist doesn’t pay attention to how they’re feeling and creates something really bold, I guarantee the client won’t feel like themselves and won’t be able to really ROCK it on the red carpet!

Do you think it’s a bad choice to rock a new hair hue during awards season (like Margot Robbie and Lena Dunham did last year)?

DDS: Again, it goes back to their personality and how they are feeling and if they are ready for a change. When I created the super blonde hue for Kate Mara at the 2014 Golden Globes, she was ready for it. She cut her hair, highlighted it super blonde and owned the red carpet. She felt great and people took notice of that and not only did she make every best-hair list, but the press ate it up. She showed up on magazine covers and tons of stories!

What’s your go-to product when styling for awards shows?

PN: My staple award show products are Joico Heat Set, Texture Boost and Flip Turn.

What product would/do you send with your clients on the red carpet to make sure they stay looking sharp all night?

PN: Joico Power Spray in the travel size is not only a welcome addition to their ensemble, but a sure fire insurance policy for retaining their look all night.

DDS: I would definitely send them with JoicoColor Therapy Dry Spray Oil.  You absolutely need the shine boost on the red carpet no matter what your hair-color. Shine always makes your hair look vibrant, alive and healthy– in a word, beautiful! This dry spray oil actually increases your shine like nothing else, and it sprays on in a wonderfully light mist, so no greasy hands or flat hair!

Who is your celebrity hair icon? Male or female.

PN: Lucky for me I have the honor of working with my celeb icon Robin Wright!

DDS: Madonna was for a very long time. I had the pleasure of coloring her in the absence of her loyal hair colorist of many years, but I feel like the past years she only feels safe as a blonde and doesn’t take big risks anymore with her color.  However, she’s still my hair icon considering she has looked amazing in all shades of blonde, brunette, red and black! Not many people can look great in all variations of color.

Who is your dream client?

PN: I’m lucky enough to work with female and male celebs who celebrate me as much as I do them, but my overall dream client is anyone who is gracious, respectful and someone who is always looking to evolve alongside me!

DDS: I work with a lot of Hollywood movie stars, and I love every single one for allowing me to create something special for them and the characters they are working on at the time. I never really worked much with super models, but Gisele Bündchen, hands down, is my dream client! Not only does she have the most beautiful hair, but she’s from my country as well so I love her even more! Haha. In the music industry, I would say Taylor Swift. I just love her, I must admit.