Five People Were Shot During a Chris Brown Concert

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Some people are saying Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are engaged.
Chris Brown was performing a concert in San Jose when, in the early morning hours on Sunday (Jan. 11), five people were shot.

All five people shot are expected to make a full recovery, but still, Chris Brown goes from all smiles to looking pretty freaked, flinching away as gun shots ring out in a video obtained by TMZ.

The 25-year-old R&B star was singing “Loyal” at the “Capricorn Bash” birthday celebration thrown by San Francisco hip-hop station 106 KMEL, when all of a sudden he notices an altercation going on in the crowd.

First he reacts with a smile on his face, stopping mid-performance and saying “Aw, them n—as gettin’ hit over there!”, then he immediately flinches and is shooed away when the gun shots start, panic ensuing.

Chris reportedly tweeted “I’m 100” following the shooting (meaning he was uninjured in the shooting), but he later deleted it.

Four people were admitted to the hospital with gunshot wounds, and a fifth person later admitted themselves to the hospital too.

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