Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Never Actually Broke Up

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Gwyneth on JLaw
Jennifer Lawrence gets Gwyneth Paltrow's seal of approval.
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin tried to pull one over on us…

The couple was reported to have split back in October and were even seen hanging out with other people, but now that they’re back together, sources close to them are revealing they never actually broke up in the first place… They just wanted the public to think they did.

“Neither of them wanted to be a public couple so quickly,” the insider tells Us Weekly. “So they told people they were broken up while they continued to build a relationship.”

They even went as far as creating ways to visit each other without the paparazzi catching them.

“Chris spends the night at her house when he’s in L.A. and they have a system for him to come and go without anyone knowing,” the source explained.

However, despite being together for nearly 7 months, Martin has yet to introduce J. Law to his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Chris hasn’t wanted them to meet yet,” says one of Lawrence’s friends. “Gwyneth and Chris are co-parenting without Jen involved for now.”

But that’s not to say it’s because he’s worried about tension between the two.  The GOOP founder broke her silence on the subject while making an appearance on Howard Stern‘s talk show earlier this week, saying she has no issue with J. Law and “respects” whoever Martin decides to date.

“He wouldn’t be with someone who isn’t great,” Paltrow admitted on the show.