Kendall Jenner: ‘I Grew Up Too Fast’

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Kendall Jenner is now a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, everyone.

In her first article for the publication, she was asked to weigh in on one topic: youth–something she feels has been a fleeting moment for her, growing up in the spotlight with such older siblings.

“I feel like I grew up too fast a long time ago,” the reality star writes. “Having older siblings, you grow up around adults, so you mature more quickly. I saw my sisters and parents working every day, so I was pretty much brought up to be a workaholic.”

So instead of staying in high school and going to college, she dropped out, got an at-home education and turned up the speed on launching her career in modeling, posing topless for the first time at just 18-years-old.

Just a few years later, however, she’s realizes like she needs to slow the aging process down a bit.

“But I just turned 19 a couple weeks ago, and I’m scared to be 20 — it’s the first step out of being a teenager,” she reveals.  “My sister Khloé [Kardashian] always says to me and my younger sister, Kylie [Jenner]: ‘You have your whole life to be an adult but only so long to be a kid.'”

She continues, “And we get it. In the right situations, I try to be as immature as I can sometimes — react to things as if I were 12. You can’t take things too seriously.  I just laugh thinking about my dad being a teenager, partying. It’s the funniest thing. And it makes me think — what am I going to be like when I’m 65?”

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