WATCH: Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp Play ‘Never Have I Ever,’ Find Out Their Naughty Secrets

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We’ve all played “Never Have I Ever” before–perhaps with five fingers or as a drinking game at a party–and as bad as we thought it was airing our dirty laundry to a small group of friends, we’ve never been forced to do it on national television.

But Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t care about that!

During Thursday’s episode with Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany–who are all promoting their latest movie Mortdecai–the talk show host got the three actors to participate in the game and reveal some of their naughty secrets.

Of course DeGeneres kicked the game off on an inappropriate note, saying, “Never have I ever been to a nude beach.”  At first Depp was the only one to admit he had, but Bettany finally flipped his paddle back to reveal he had, indeed, been to one as well.

The topics ranged from being arrested to joining the mile-high club to calling ugly babies cute… See the celebs’ responses in the video above!

Meanwhile, DeGeneres chatted a bit more with Depp and Paltrow about their roles in the movie and what drove them crazy about one another during the filming process.

“You know how, like, your alarm clock might go off and it might say ‘Oh it’s 8! I need to get up and go to work,'” Gwyneth explains.  “I think when Johnny’s goes off he’s like, ‘Oh! I need to sleep for 6 more hours.”

She laughs, “He’s just too cool to follow a regular 24-hour schedule like we do.”

Johnny adds, “I mean my on-time is just slightly late. That’s all.”

LOL! Watch the full interview below.