Nick Jonas’ Girlfriend Olivia Culpo Thought he was Going to Propose to her at the Miss Universe Pageant

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Nick Jonas: My Evolution
Tween Star Nick Jonas talks about his career evolution.
Nick Jonas had a lot going on during the 2015 Miss Universe pageant earlier this week. Not only was he the only male performer amidst a slew of incredibly gorgeous women from all over the world, but his girlfriend and former Miss Universe title holderOlivia Culpo was sitting in the audience.

The couple has been dating for nearly two years, dealing lots of rumors surrounding a potential engagement somewhere in the near future–so much so that Pulpo actually thought it was going to happen at the pageant over the weekend.

While performing his hit song “Jealous,” Jonas took a moment to give his girlfriend some extra love, singing to her in front of the entire audience, but when he got down on one knee to do so, Pulpo got the impression it was much more than a serenade.

“I went down and sang to her and I go on a knee and approached her,” he explained to U.K. newspaper The Sun on Wednesday.  “Her face was in full panic, she thought I was going to propose on national TV in front of one billion people.”

Unfortunately for Culpo (but fortunately for the rest of us), Nick isn’t quite ready to settle down and get married yet.

“We’re 22 so there’s plenty of time to do that,” the singer explained.  “It would be ideal [to settle down], but we’re still quite young, and we’re going on a journey.”

There’s especially no rush for the 22-year-old to say “I do” now that he’s no longer “staying pure” until marriage, taking off his once famous purity ring and admitting he lost his virginity when he was 20.