Ryan Guzman Strips Down, Goes Naked for ‘Cosmo’ UK

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Ryan Guzman
CREDIT: Cosmopolitan UK

Jennifer Lopez Twerks
J. Lo shows off her twerking skills.
Ryan Guzman is stripping down for this month’s Cosmopolitan UK!

The Boy Next Door actor is naked in the magazine, and he looks amazing. Guzman also did an interview for the magazine, in which he talked about rumors that he’s dating his co-star, Jennifer Lopez. Get all of the detail’s below!

Last month, there was a lot of speculation that 27-year-old Guzman and 45-year-old Lopez were dating after she took him as her date to the Golden Globes. But, Guzman reveals that the two are just friends. He told the magazine, “She’s a co-worker and now she’s a friend. Everything worked out perfect.”

He was a little starstruck by Lopez in the beginning of filming though. He revealed, “The very first day of filming The Boy Next Door was surreal. I was like, ‘I can’t believe I’m working with Jennifer Lopez’. But after that any thoughts I had about her being a superstar had to go out the window so I could be professional. My character is toying with her character’s emotions throughout the whole film and it becomes very intense.”

Ryan Guzman

(Cosmopolitan UK)

Guzman’s naked magazine photo shoot wasn’t something he just did for fun, he did it to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK. The cause is something very close to him. He revealed to the magazine, “I lost my grandfather to cancer when I was 13. It’s very serious; it’s affected my life and I will do everything I can to back Cancer Research.”

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