Kim Kardasian’s Body Then and Now: See the Comparison

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Kim's Butt Selfie
Kim Kardashian's portrait is turning a lot of heads.
There’s no doubt Kim Kardashian has gone under the knife quite a bit since first hitting it big on Keeping Up With the Kardashians — we watched the changes right before our own eyes — but there’s still a lot of talk about whether or not the 34-year-old got implants for a bigger derriere.

Well, Kardashian took to Instagram today to share a throw “way the f*ck back” photo of her body as a teenager that will likely reignite the rumors that have surrounded Kardashian and her booty all these years.

The photo on the left is a much younger Kardashian whereas the photo on the right was taken just last month. In comparing the two, there are several apparent differences: her boobs and, more importantly, her hips — both of which Kardashian says changed drastically after giving birth.

We can see how a bigger chest is definitely a result of pregnancy, but her body frame is completely different. While having a baby can change the figure in many ways, it’s been rumored that the more rotund shape of her hips and thighs are due to medical enhancements.

Kardashian continues to deny any rumors of implants, going as far as getting an x-ray on Keeping Up With the Kardashians to prove it’s 100% real.

Decide for yourself: launch the gallery above to see Kardashian’s full butt evolution.