One to Watch: Alexandria DeBerry Talks ‘Pass the Light’ Movie, Reveals Crush on Channing Tatum

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Alexandria DeBerry
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Alexandria DeBerry is an actress many Disney viewers might be familiar with. The 20-year-old starred as Paisley Houndstooth on A.N.T. Farm, a popular Disney Channel show that just ended in 2014.

Now, DeBerry is making the transition from the small screen to the big screen with her new movie, Pass the Light, a faith-based movie about a high school student who decides to run for Congress. We were lucky enough to talk to DeBerry about this new movie, and she also revealed her celeb crush: Channing Tatum! Get all of the details in the interview below!

DeBerry is our latest “One to Watch” talent. The actress plays Jackie in Pass the Light. We asked DeBerry to describe the movie to us and she revealed, “This movie was written by Victor Hawks and directed by Malcolm Goodwin, two great guys. And (this movie) follows Steve Bellafiore (Cameron Palatas), who is just a regular high school kid who is just really disturbed by a Congressional candidate in his district who has a campaign that promotes hate and division among people through religion. So Steve decides to run against this candidate, even he’s still in high school and he’s only 17-year-old. He creates his own campaign which shares a message of unity and acceptance and love for others. And then he also starts this group in his high school which is called ‘The Force’ and my character becomes a part of ‘The Force.’ And really we just work to spread kindness to others and positivity. We write notes to students and put them in their locker, just saying nice things that brighten their day. It’s just a really great film.”

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What is the message behind this movie? DeBerry told us, “It’s just a nice faith-based film and it deals with so many issues and controversies that are prevalent in today’s society. But ultimately, I think the message is that we can’t judge others, we can only love them just like God loves us. That’s really what I took away from filming it, and the whole cast was just great, and I think filming we really shared this message, and the whole crew was just so kind.”

DeBerry had actually worked with Palatas (who plays Steve Bellafiore) before. The two worked on A.N.T. Farm together. DeBerry revealed to us, “His character, I still make fun of him though, he had a scene where he had to stuff an entire pizza on his face and then like smear it around. So he had like pepperoni and sauce and cheese stuck to his face and all kinds of stuff. I still call him ‘Pizza Boy’ to this day. He’s so sweet, I love him.”

Alexandria DeBerry, Cameron Palatas

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Deberry grew up in Texas and made her way to Los Angeles after appearing in local commercials. DeBerry revealed to us, “I just started locally, I’m from Houston, so I got into like commercials and print jobs. Growing up I like worshipped the Disney Channel, like Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens. I don’t know if you remember this, but they would always have the little wand and draw the Mickey Mouse ears on the screen?! That was like my life goal to do that at the time, and so I was like ‘Mom! I want to be on the Disney Channel, I want to be on the Disney Channel!’ So I went out to LA and started auditioning, got into some acting classes and workshops. I auditioned for the Disney for a few years actually, and I finally ended up getting the role of Paisley which was so great.”

DeBerry also told us:

1. Favorite Disney star of all-time: Hilary Duff

2. Wants to work with: Hilary Duff and Rachel McAdams

3. Celebrity crush: Channing Tatum “Even though I know he’s married and has a baby, so there’s no chance there, but I still think he’s gorgeous.”

Alexandria DeBerry

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You can see Pass the Light in theaters tomorrow, Feb. 6. Plus, DeBerry is making an in-person appearance on Feb. 7 in Houston at the Carmike Yorktown 15. CLICK HERE to see more details!

Check out a trailer for the film below!