WATCH: “F**king Mad” Farrah Abraham Storms Off ‘Teen Mom’ Set, Cries

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Farrah Abraham‘s return to Teen Mom has not been well-received — by both the cast and crew and the Backdoor Teen Mom herself.

Despite only recently returning to MTV for a reunion series titled Teen Mom OG, the 23-year-old is already fighting with producers and allegedly yelling at crew members. In a new teaser clip, an Abraham lashes out at the show’s executive producer after he was called into dispel the situation, storming off the set after butting heads with him about how she should be introduced on the show.

According to another producer, Abraham was already annoyed from the moment the cameras arrived to her house to film.

“Why are we worried about an entry? Why don’t we just be real about that?” Abraham snaps at the crew. After the executive producer explains that they need to be “mindful” of the viewers and explain why she was randomly appearing on the show in the middle of the series, Abraham starts crying.

“You guys just like make me more fucking mad,” she says before leaving the room. Her daughter, Sophia, chases after her.

According to Abraham’s mother, the mom-of-one, who stopped starring in reality TV for a career in stripping and adult films, still feels “rejected” and “ostracized” about not being asked to return to the show. (Even though, you know, Abraham got exactly what she wanted in the end and is now back on the series.)

There’s just something really telling about a grown woman throwing a fit and her five-year-old coming off as the more mature one of the situation. Teen Mom OG premieres March 23 on MTV.