Kylie Jenner Shows Off New Dreadlocks and Bigger Boobs

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Kylie's Lips
Are Kylie Jenner's plumped lips actually real?
It’s the ever evolving story of Kylie Jenner‘s hair… and plastic surgery rumors.

The 17 year old — let me repeat that, SEVENTEEN year old — took to Instagram this fine Friday afternoon to show off a few different things about her look: some new dreads and some enhanced cleavage.

Jenner captioned the red-filtered photo simply with, “Dreads,” and while that’s cool and everything, all we really notice is all that boobage going on in her teeny, tiny crop top.

Of course this isn’t the first cleavage-baring photo the young reality star has shared recently. Just last month she sparked rumors over a boob job after posting an eyebrow-raising photo of which the focus was her chest.

However, Jenner continues to deny she’s ever gone under the knife, going as far as slamming tabloids for even suggesting a 17 year old would get plastic surgery.

Thus, the question of her larger boobs — and her lips, while we’re at it — shall remain a mystery.