One to Watch: Cameron Palatas Spills ‘Pass the Light’ Movie Secrets, Reveals Crush on Nina Dobrev

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Cameron Palatas
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Cameron Palatas is a name many people are about to become very familiar with.

The 20-year-old actor already has a successful career going, and his star is definitely on the rise. Palatas’ latest role is in the movie Pass the Light. This is a faith-based film about a high school student who decides to run for Congress. We had the opportunity to talk to Palatas about his leading role in the movie, plus we also talked to him about his celeb crush, Nina Dobrev! Get all of the details in the interview below!

Palatas is our latest “One to Watch” talent. The actor is booking roles left and right, and his new film is going to have everyone talking.

When we asked Palatas to describe this movie and his character he told us, “It’s about this 17-year-old kid, Steve Bellafiore, played by myself, who is going through high school struggling in his own community, he struggles with his parents’ marriage. And this guy is running for Congress, Franklin Baumann, he’s preaching a message of hate, and Steve runs for Congress to go against that message and spread positivity and love.”

Pass the Light Movie

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If this happened in his life, Palatas believes he would speak up like his character Steve does in the movie. He told us, “Absolutely, I think that’s one of the main messages people should take away from this is, no matter how small of a voice you think you have, you really do have a big voice, you can reach out to people. If you’re passionate about something, go for it.”

This movie has a great, young cast. Did they have an awesome time filming? Palatas revealed to us, “Everyone was really nice, it was cool, we all became like this big family. Allie (Alexandria DeBerry) and I worked together on A.N.T. Farm, so when we got to set she called me ‘Pizza Boy’ because on A.N.T. Farm I was the pizza boy who rubbed pizza all over my face.”

Alexandria DeBerry, Cameron Palatas

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How did Palatas get into the acting world? He actually started his career in Kansas City, MO. Palatas told us, “I was living in Kansas City, MO. and I remember watching the Disney Channel and I saw some scene on TV, I think it was like That’s So Raven or something, and I paused it and I was like, ‘Mom! They did that wrong, they should’ve done it like this!’ And I like acted out the whole scene. I was like, ‘Mom, I want to be an actor.’ I got into plays and then I got into commercials and I ended up booking a lot over there so we ended up moving out to Los Angeles. I’m very blessed that my parents supported me through that.” And the rest is history!

Who are some of the actors that Palatas admires? He told us, “Growing up I really admired Philip Seymour Hoffman, that’s really sad and unfortunate what happened. I would definitely like to work with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Nina Dobrev because she’s absolutely beautiful.”

Palatas also really would like to work with Bradley Cooper. He revealed to us, “I just saw American Sniper last night and I was just blown away. My brother just got back from Afghanistan. It was really cool to see how people over there think, it was nice to get a different point of view on it.”

Check out a trailer for the movie below! Then make sure to go see the movie, in theaters today! Plus, you can tweet Palatas @CameronPalatas