Will Bruce Jenner Continue Dating Women After Cross-Sex Hormone Therapy?

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Bruce's TV Interview
Diane Sawyer to interview Bruce Jenner about transition.
After three marriages and six children, it’s pretty clear that Bruce Jenner has always been attracted to women. However, with the revelation of his on-going sex change, many are questioning whether or not he’ll continue in heterosexual relationships.

Medical experts and members of the transgender community are weighing in on the topic, saying there’s a chance the heavy levels of estrogen he is receiving could affect him in that way.

The Cross-Sex Hormone Therapy Jenner is currently undergoing drives down levels of testosterone, causing the brain to “feminize” and thus “think like a woman,” medical experts tell TMZ.

Doctors also say the hormones can change sexual preference, especially in cases of which the patient had suppressed feelings before the transition and the estrogen allows those feelings to surface.

As for the statistics, a leader in the transgender community tells the publication, based on 300 transsexuals in various countries, 1/3 of them retain their sexual preference, 1/3 identify as bisexual and 1/3 changed their sexual preference all together. In other words, there’s a 1/3 chance the former Olympian could become attracted to men.

Jenner is currently in the middle of the transformative stage during which his skin will change, his breasts will endlarge and his voice will become more feminine. TMZ reports the changes become enhanced by other procedures including Botox, facial hair removal and shaving his adam’s apple.

Meanwhile, sources say Jenner’s family was not surprised about his decision to transition and have rallied behind to support him during this time.