Why Does Sia Choose to Cover Her Face?

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Sia for 'Fifty Shades'
Listen to Sia's sultry 'Salted Wound' for the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' soundtrack.
Sia made headlines at last night’s Grammy Awards for continuing her trademark characteristic of covering her face.

After showing up on the red carpet with an enormous blonde wig that covered her entire face — a prop so massive she had to have a guide walk her around — she took to the stage to perform “Chandelier,” standing with her back to the audience as her mini-me Maddie Ziegler and Kristen Wiig danced along to the hit song.

So why does the Australian singer choose to hide herself?

“I don’t want to be famous, or recognizable,” she told Chris Connelly on Nightline last year. “I don’t want to be critiqued about the way that I look on the internet.”

She continued, “I’ve been writing pop songs for pop stars now for a couple of years and I’ve become friends with them and see what their life is like and that’s not something I want.”

Although she’s been photographed on the red carpet before and even had her face covering previous albums, Sia’s rise to fame over the last year has led to her decision in changing how she lives her life in the public eye.

“Once, as my friend was telling me they had cancer, someone came up and asked, in the middle of the conversation, if they could take a photograph with me,” she told the New York Times in April 2014. “You get me? That’s enough, right?”