Sam Smith Was Lying When He Said He’d Give Beyonce the Album of the Year Grammy if He Won

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Calling it “English sarcasm”, Sam Smith confessed that if he actually had won “Album of the Year” at the Grammy’s, he wouldn’t have given it to Beyoncélike he said he would.

He didn’t win it though, Beck did. Smith did however sweep the 2015 Grammy Awards winning four in total.

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter also talked romance with Ellen Degeneres (airing Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015), explaining he’s single now sort of as an ode to his album (it is called “In the Lonely Hour“, after all).

Exhausted, emotional and hungover, Smith explained he slept 4 hours and went to bed at 6:30 AM yesterday. He didn’t go to all the celebrity parties, instead,

“It’s been such a ridiculous night, I didn’t want to go to any of the celebrity parties. So I decided I got I went to my label’s house in the hills and I flew my mum and my dad and my little sister’s out and we all had some In-N-Out burgers and that’s what we did.”

Degeneres complimented him on his thoughtful speech about authenticity, saying “Here’s what I loved about you. I loved when you said, you went up the second time you said ‘I forgot to say, that I tried so many things to make it. I tried to lose weight I tried to be what I thought I was supposed to be and I didn’t became successful until I became myself’ and I love that you said that. Because that’s a good lesson.”

The “Stay With Me” crooner replied, “Thank you. I feel like the most beautiful thing about this whole thing is that I haven’t’ played a character. Do you know what I mean? I’m going on stage; I didn’t rehearse anything that I said last night. It’s just a genuine response. And I’m proud of that.”

Ellen then added, “And I love that you also thank the man that broke your heart because you won four Grammys.”

With a laugh Sam agreed, “Yes. Yes. Thank you. I planned that one. I planned that one…I just find it funny. That such a sad record and such a sad experience has turned out to be a very happy one.”

On if he was dating anyone, Smith said, “I’m not. I was recently, but I split up with him about three weeks ago. I couldn’t bring out “In the Lonely Hour” and go to the Grammys with someone. I had to be ‘Lonely’ for the Grammys.” The ex he is referring to is Jonathan Zeizel.

As for the next guy? Sam added, “I’ve just got to make sure my next boyfriend can polish my Grammys for me.”