Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Toned Body in New, Dangerously Sexy Campaign: See the Pics

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Jessica: Sex Symbol?
Here's what Jessica Simpsons has to say about being sexy.
Sometimes good fashion comes with major risks… Just ask Jessica Simpson!

The 34-year-old was asked to literally take a risk while posing for her latest Jessica Simpson Collection campaign photos — on a cliff!

The new collection was inspired by southwestern influences, so Simpson decided to emulate that feeling by taking the whole shoot for a road trip to Sedona, Arizona.

“My team and I packed our bags and hit the dusty trail, traveling eight hours — by tour bus — from L.A. to Sedona,” she tells People magazine. “This season the collection is influenced by the southwest: turquoise jewelry, worn denim and tons of suede and fringe. The styling is easy and free-spirited.”

However, the photos for the collection? Not so easy. It took Simpson getting over her fear of heights and posing on a cliff in 6-inch heels to create the perfect setting for the shoot.

“The campaign was shot by one of my all-time favorite photographers, Gilles Bensimon,” she says. “The passion he puts into his work gives me the confidence to follow his vision, even when it takes me to the side of a cliff in 6-in. heels! Somehow, he captured a serene moment amidst my biggest fear! Of course, this ended up being one of my favorite shots.”

Perhaps a bit less risky, Simpson posed for another photo simply sitting on a rock in a pair of adorable fringe heels and shorts that show off her super toned legs and slim physique.

Simpson’s confident, sexy photos are a result of her feeling “more comfortable” in her skin after losing the baby weight following her son Ace Knute Johnson‘s birth. In an interview in Nov. she explained that the negative comments surrounding her weight gain only empowered her to lose it — And look at her now!