Justin Bieber is Finally Becoming a Man

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From a DUI to multiple run-ins with the law, outrageous behavior (like peeing in buckets) and several douchey moves, Justin Bieber has certainly racked up enough reasons for the world to criticize him… But is it possible for him to change his ways and thus change the public’s view?

His manager Scooter Braun certainly believes so, and not just because he works with Bieber, but because he sees how these “frustrating” mistakes can help turn him into an even better man and artist in the future.

In a long interview with Complex magazine that dives into several parts of his career as an entertainment mogul managing both Bieber and Ariana Grande, Braun opens up about what it’s been like dealing with the “Boyfriend” crooner and his many mistakes.

He says a lot of them have been “overblown” but admits that there were several he still can’t defend. “Look, I’m not going to focus on anything specific, but the hardest part is being a little bit older [than your clients], and their actions aren’t necessarily actions you’d [take].”

However, he also understands that Bieber has to go through life on his own — no one can live it for him.

“Sometimes it’s frustrating because you think, ‘I could’ve avoided that’ or ‘I could’ve helped you get through that,’ but then you realize that you are the person you are because you went through it, and they need the opportunity to go through it too. And if they do, you’re just supposed to be there to help them rise.”

Braun continues, “I’m not interested in the mistakes that people make. I’m interested in how they react to them. That’s what defines us as adults. Being young, like Ariana and Justin are, they will have opportunities to fall, and they will be defined by how they rise.”

So is Bieber finally on the rise? Braun says yes, and though many people will doubt him, he believes the pop star is on his way to becoming a better man.

“He’s in such an incredible place right now, and he’s excited to share where he is with the world next year,” the music mogul says. “It will shock some people and make others really happy. He’s ready to step up and be the man people want him to be, and he got there on his own time, like all of us did.”