Taylor Swift Knows How to Cure Heartache, Makes Fan Break-Up Playlist

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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift definitely knows how to cure a heartache!

The 25-year-old singer has been there and done that, so she can give some great advice on love. So, when a fan on Tumblr told Swift about her horrible split with her boyfriend, she knew exactly what to say and do. Check out Swift’s break-up playlist below, plus watch a new clip from Swift’s upcoming “Style” music video!

Swift has had her share of heartache. From her twisted encounter with John Mayer (“Dear John” anyone?), and her complicated relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal (“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together“), to her fast and furious romance with Harry Styles (almost every song on 1989), Swift knows all about having her heart broken.

So, Swift’s fans often come to her for love advice. Check out what Swift told one girl on Tumblr to do after her boyfriend ended their relationship via text message. The Tumblr user wrote, “I hope you see this but we’ve been together for 4 months, he just texted me and told me he was done with me. Gave me no reason and kept trying to get me to do irrational things to get him back. Now he’s calling me names and I just feel crumbled. I don’t know what to do”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


That sounds like a good playlist to us!

In other Swift news, the singer just released a second clip from her upcoming “Style” music video. The video premieres this Friday, Feb. 13. Is is just us, or does she look naked?


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It’s also being reported that Swift wants a certain website taken down so much, that she’s suing! According to the New York Daily News, Swift’s lawyers are suing Ronnie Cremer, a computer repairman who allegedly taught Swift how to play the guitar.

After the New York Daily News wrote a story on Cremer in Jan. 2015, Cremer bought the website itaughttaylorswift.com. It sounds like a week after the website went up, Swift’s lawyers contacted Cremer and “demanded” he take down his site. Then on Feb. 6, Swift’s lawyers contacted Cremer and said that his domain name, “incorporates the famous Taylor Swift trademark in its entirety and suggests TAS’s sponsorship or endorsement of your website. The Domain Name and your use of the Domain Name are also highly likely to dilute, and to tarnish, the famous Taylor Swift trademark.”

But, it doesn’t sound like Cremer is giving up on the website. He told the New York Daily News, “I’m not giving back the domain name. I mean, Go Daddy sold it to me.”

So much Swift news today!