‘Aloha’ Trailer: Bradley Cooper Is a Hot Mess

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BCoops + Visor
Did you know that Bradley Cooper loves visors? And air guitar?
Here’s your first look at Cameron Crowe’s new romantic comedy cry fest Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper, who plays a guy who gets a second chance at basically everything as the gorgeous state of Hawaii serves as the background.

In the film, “Mr. Sexy Pants” (as screamed from the lungs of Alec Baldwin) gets partnered in his new/old job with an Air Force pilot, played by the lovable Emma Stone. And in true rom-com fashion, they fall in love. And in true rom-com fashion, B-Coops’ character has blasts from the past, including a former flame in Rachel McAdams, who is now with a beefy John Krasinski (think Hugh Jackman sized).

For bonus points, Aloha also stars Bill Murray. And if that’s not enough to make you watch the film, then maybe just book your next trip to Hawaii. It sure is beautiful there.