Kim Kardashian Sends Birthday Wishes to Frenemy Paris Hilton, Posts Throwback Pic

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Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton
Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Reunite in Ibiza
Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are both in Ibiza and they're partying like it's 2006 all over again

Kim Kardashian just wished her best frenemy, Paris Hilton, a “happy belated birthday.”

Hilton turned 34 yesterday (Feb. 17, 2015), and Kardashian took to Instagram a day late to send birthday wishes to her former BFF.

The pair used to be very close, they grew up together and went to the same school. But, the friends had a falling out around 2008 and there seemed to be a lot of bad blood between them over the years.

Though, it seems like the girls have gotten over their feud, and are even friendly with each other. In Aug. 2014, the two saw each other in Ibizia and spent time together at a party.

Kardashian posted a throwback picture to Instagram with the caption, “Found this pic while unpacking! It’s from 2006 in Ibiza. Happy belated birthday @ParisHilton

Found this pic while unpacking! It's from 2006 in Ibiza. Happy belated birthday @ParisHilton

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Apparently, the two get along very well in Ibiza!