People are Saying Emma Watson and Prince Harry are Dating: 7 Reasons She’d Make the Best Royal

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In the best fake news that we’ve heard all day: Emma Watson and Prince Harry are “reportedly” dating, quickly making their way to the top of our all-time Favorite Fantasy Couples list.

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Yes, Woman’s Day Australia can, er, “exclusively reveal” that Harry heard about Watson’s split from boyfriend and British rugby player Matthew Janney and asked mutual friends to help “hook him up” with her.

The pair allegedly went on a group date, bringing friends along as the prince “didn’t want her to feel like she was put on the spot,” an insider revealed. “A party also shows he’s fun and not stuffy.”

Although this is by far the most perfect woman we could ever see Prince Harry marrying, it’s probably not true… But that doesn’t mean we have to stop fantasizing right? Here are 7 reasons why she’d make the BEST Royal ever (aside from Kate Middleton, of course):


1. She’s talented. Not only did she begin acting at a very young age — her first ever audition was for the role of Hermione — but she’s also an athlete, a dancer, a singer, a painter and even a certified yoga instructor… She does it all!


2. She’s smart. Watson isn’t just one to use her fame to get her through life. In May 2014, she graduated from Brown University.


3. She’s fashionable. In order to be a member of the Royal family, one must know how to properly dress (see Kate Middleton). Watson has an incredible sense of style that is not only classic but chic. She always looks like a princess on the red carpet!


4. She understands fame. It’s essential that, when marrying into the Royal family, a person understands the amount of publicity and fame that come with it. Watson has grown up in the limelight and therefore knows how to properly handle herself when the whole world is watching.


5. He’s the Ron Weasley to her Hermione. I mean, right? Not to mention, at least one person from the Harry Potter series needs to become a part of the Royal family. It just makes sense.


6. She’s also Belle. What better way to practice to be a real life princess than to play one on the silver screen?


7. She’s the definition of girl power. In all seriousness, Emma Watson, like Kate Middleton, is a strong, empowered woman who stands up for equality and doing good in the world. She’s begun using her fame as a means for making a difference, and above all, THAT is the real reason we adore her (and think the Royals would, too!).

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