Instant Follow Friday: The Glamorous Life of Lady Gaga Including Taylor Kinney, Her Dog Asia, ARTPOP and Yoga

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Lady Gaga Can't Stop Gushing Over Her Engagement, Shares New Details About Her Ring
Lady Gaga just might be the happiest bride-to-be! The 28-year-old singer cannot stop gushing over her engagement to Taylor Kinney.
Lady Gaga Reunites With Beyoncé, Snaps Selfie With Non-Waiter Ed Sheeran
Probably-engaged person Lady Gaga is having one helluva good week

Ahead of Sunday’s 87th annual Academy Awards, we are honoring Lady Gaga in this week’s Instant Follow Friday. One of the most fabulous icons of our generation and our ARTPOP nation’s own superhero, Gaga will be performing a “special tribute” at the Oscars this year.

Obviously, we can’t stop ourselves from being more excited for her performance than the rest of the show put together.

In short, Lady Gaga is killing it.

She’s just revealed her half-a-million dollar engagement ring given to her by the gorgeous love of her life Taylor Kinney, she’s about to embark on tour with the legendary jazz singer Tony Bennett (with whom she’s working on jazz album number 2 and just won a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album), and she’s been looking hot AF doing yoga as of late.

Lady Gaga’s Instagram lets us see a very personal side of Gaga, and that’s Lady Gaga in love. Every day she gives her little Monsters a dose of passion (both musically and artistically), of cute (see her dog Asia and Kinney), of sexy (see her selfies and/or hot yoga pics) and even some old-school debauchery (à la the best bachelorette party of the year).

Lady Gaga will surely going down in history as one of the greats, and so for now the best thing you can do is let her inspire you from her own heart.

Plus, she’s just a super cute human being in general; how can you resist a person with such great heart?

Follow her on Instagram @ladygaga and on Twitter @ladygaga. See some of her best tweets below!