‘The DUFF’ Star Robbie Amell Talks Boobs, Face-Licking and Having a ‘Designated Ugly Fat Friend’

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Robbie Amell is no designated ugly fat friend. In fact, he thinks it doesn’t exist at all.

Despite starring in a movie —aptly titled The DUFF — centered around being someone’s less attractive pal, the actor says there’s no one actually has a designated friend that they use to make themselves look hotter and more popular.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily true,” he tells Celebuzz about the term. “I think you can argue that everyone is a DUFF or there is no such thing as DUFF.”

Also starring Mae Whitman and Bella Thorne, Amell’s new flick takes viewers into high school where being at the top of the social food chain is everything. When a self-content high school senior finds out the entire student body refers to her as the “designate ugly fat friend” — a.k.a. “the DUFF” — to her two BFFs, she enlists help from the school jock Wesley (Amell) to guide her in getting rid of her label once and for all.

As the movie is centered around teens, Amell jokes that things did get a little inappropriate when they were shooting, resulting in some pretty hilarious scenes.

“The lick was in the script. I can’t remember what the reaction was supposed to be, but it was fun,” the 26-year-old recalls one scene in which his co-star Whitman pretends to kiss him but only ends up licking his face. “You can see me actually busting out laughing in the movie.”

“The funniest is that we had to do [dubbing] for some of the TV channel versions and you’re not allowed to say ‘boobs,'” he says. “I had to say like ‘bosom’ and I think it gets way weirder coming out of your mouth. There were some really bad ones.”

He adds, “We just had fun and bounced jokes off each other and tried making the movie as natural and real as possible. I think the chemistry shows on screen which is great.”

Though Amell, who attended Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute in Canada, admittedly had a”drama-free” high school experience, he explains he can relate to his character on some level.

“I was a jock so I guess that,” he says. “I do like to think at his core, he’s a nice guy with a big heart. He didn’t know who he was in the beginning of the movie but I think he grows throughout the hour and a half and learns a lot from Mae’s character.”

“I think they teach each other a lot. I don’t think it’s about changing someone. It’s about the two finding themselves and helping each other be the best versions of themselves,” he continues. “You should just be who you are and comfortable in your own skin. You know that’s it. You know you shouldn’t let anybody change who you are.”

The DUFF opens in theaters Feb. 20.