Happy Friday! Enjoy These Photos of Scott Eastwood Being Really Hunky

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In honor of the upcoming weekend we bestow upon you some super hot pictures of Scott Eastwood.

The 28-year-old model and son of Clint Eastwood looks beyond appetizing in a new spring fashion spread for Mr. Porter, and despite the fact that we can’t see much of that rock hard body we all know and love, he’s donning some seriously sexy outfits — whoever thought glasses and a turtleneck could be so hot?

Scott Eastwood Shirtless
Scott Eastwood shows off his abs as a mer-man...

Meanwhile, the model also opened up a bit about being raised in a famous family and how he decided to take his career into his own hands, casting his own shadow rather than trailing in his father’s. In fact, five years ago he began making his way into the movie industry under the name Scott Reeves, dropping his famous surname to try and spark a career as a nobody — exactly how he wanted it.

“I knew I had to do things on my own terms for a while,” he dished. “I’ve been brought up to understand that you’ve gotta make your own way in life. My dad…he isn’t the kinda guy to give hand-outs. He’s old-school like that; anybody who knows him will tell you.”

As Scott started gaining recognition on his own, he finally went back to his real last name. After all, he explains, “[My dad] is my here. I just wanna continue his good name.”

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