Sadly, the Rumor About Emma Watson Dating Prince Harry is Just a Rumor

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Unfortunately, it was confirmed today (Feb. 21, 2015) that Emma Watson and Prince Harry are not dating. Sorry everyone. And so it goes.

The internet, which is run by girls on Tumblr and Twitter, collectively freaked out when Emma Watson and Harry Styles took a photo together and everyone realized how hot of a couple they would make.

Once again, the internet went into meltdown mode yesterday when it was rumored that Emma Watson and Prince Harry were going on dates.

Us Weekly has confirmed to everyone’s disappointment that no, Watson and the Prince have not been going on secret dates and were not set up by a mutual friend.

“[It’s] fake,” a friend of the royal told Us. “It’s such a random story.”

A Palace source added about the news: “I can see the Internet is going mad for this one.”

Yesterday we reported on the why Watson would hypothetically make the best royal. Now that it’s confirmed that the Royal-Watson news is just a byproduct churned out of the rumor mill, guess all we can do now relive those amazing reasons (and if you were already imagining their royal wedding, live in ignorance) and await to see her play Belle in the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast

Anyways, if anything, Watson proves that we should be caring more about her positive and amazing work with the United Nations than who she’s dating/not dating.