Oscars 2015: Chrissy Teigen Avoids Crying on Camera, Shares Adorable Moments With Hubby John Legend

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We can’t lie… We were a bit disappointed to see Chrissy Teigen smiling when the cameras panned to her during her husband John Legend‘s powerful acceptance speech for Best Song at last night’s Academy Awards.

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As you probably recall, Teigen became the biggest meme of the internet due to her cry face at the Golden Globes in Jan. So we were obviously looking forward to seeing her reaction again last night. Unfortunately, she had already planned to avoid crying at all costs.

“She’s so happy right now,” Legend told reporters following his big win. “She’s been crying since I won, but she tried not to do it on camera… So she didn’t do it like she did last time.”

Well, while we were bummed over her missing cry face, the famous couple definitely made up for it with a collection of adorable photos throughout the evening.

The super model posted the photo above, unable to properly form words and instead writing the caption as such: “!!!!&:&&&:&:9:8,8;’meudhsjnejw!!!”

We get you, girl.

Legend then shared a photo with his gorgeous wife, both looking happier than ever at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. He wrote, “#Glory #Oscars.”

And finally, just to really leave you green with envy over how freaking cute these two are, Legend shared one last photo at the end of the evening, laying in bed with Teigen and their new buddy Oscar.

Oh, and just for old time’s sake: