Christina Aguilera Is Really Good at Impressions (Especially Britney Spears)

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Christina Aguilera and daughter cover PEOPLE.

When The Tonight Show challenged Christina Aguilera to impersonate Britney Spears in a little singing game last night (Feb. 23, 2015), there was a brief gasp in the air. (And uncomfortable laughs, oooo’s and ahhhh’s).

Either the show’s “Musical Impressions Generator” is controlled by someone looking to start some shit, or the universe trusted Xtina’s voice within for one of the greatest moments of television you’ll see (all week).

Here’s hoping that the universe’s next mission, of course, is to get Ms. Spears to impersonate her fellow former Mouseketeer, specifically, from her “Dirrty” days.

[Lead GIF courtesy of Tumblr]