Does Iggy Azalea Fart in Her Sleep?

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Iggy Azalea just gave us a little TMI…

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The 24-year-old rapper joined The Cruz Show on Power 106 in Los Angeles Thursday morning during which they called her basketball beau Nick Young to reveal some inside information about their relationship… But we weren’t expecting the conversation to revolve around farting.

When the host asked who the “sleep farter” is between the two of them, Azalea promptly responded, “It’s definitely Nick.”

And the L.A. Lakers player wasn’t all that embarrassed about it, saying his girlfriend is too much of  “a lady” to be doing stuff like that. Azalea jokingly added, “Yeah, I tape my butthole at night.”

LOL! And the conversation only got more embarrassing from there. But since we don’t have all the time in the world to talk about it, here are the 7 main bits of info you need to know:

  • Young thinks Iggy needs to be more like Kanye West on Twitter. He says, “She gotta be a gangster now, you know.”
  • Azalea revealed that her boyfriend doesn’t really know how to work the 1962 Chevy Impala she bought him for Christmas.“The only problem with it is that Nick does not know how to turn the car off,” she explained. “So he leaves the gas on all the time and so we have to jump-start it all the time.”
  • The basketballer revealed he wants Iggy to ride around in the impala with just a thong on…
  • Iggy called Young out on living together and being really dirty. So they have a full-time housekeeper.
  • Young sought revenge by telling everyone that she’s crazy and “takes all of her anger out” on him.
  • The female emcee also revealed that Young helps her stretch backstage before the show and doesn’t quite understand why she does and says the same thing for each concert, which drives her nuts.
  • Finally, Azalea basically called the Lakers out for sucking this season, saying she’s not bored during the game, but she can’t help her resting bitch face when they’re “down by like 35 points.”

TL;DR? Watch the full interview above.