Selfie Queen Kim Kardashian Fails at Taking a Selfie at Brit Awards, Shakes It Off with BFF Taylor Swift Instead

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Kim Kardashian is Queen of the selfie. She even has a whole book on the practice. And yet, yesterday (Feb. 25, 2015) at the Brit Awards, the Queen suffered a major selfie fail.

Kardashian took to London’s O2 Arena stage to hand Sam Smith the award for Global Success. Joining Brit Awards hosts Ant and Dec, Kim attempted to show the world everything that she’s famous for.

It sadly backfired.

Ant and Dec asked to get a selfie with the reality star, and Kim replied “Of course. Whoever has the longest arm, that’s the best angle.”

And what should have been a voilà moment with a cute picture to prove it, was a moment of sore disappointment because the iPhone they used was not unlocked.

How sad. Don’t worry though, Kim shook it off with new BFF Taylor Swift, whose dance moves definitely weren’t bad at all.

Leaving her hotel on Thursday with hubby Kanye West, Kim wore a gorgeous black kimono tunic with a sheer skirt, showing off her toned legs. West, meanwhile, wore a holey sweater. Check out their look in the gallery above.