Jane Lynch Talks Wrapping ‘Glee’ and Remembering Cory Monteith

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Jane Lynch has worked on the set of Glee as Sue Sylvester since the very beginning, dating all the way back to its pilot in 2009. Needless to say, bidding farewell to the show after they wrapped filming for the finaly episode last weekend has been a rough experience.

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“It’s been really sad, it’s all over now,” the actress told Us Weekly. “I wasn’t expecting it to be what it was, it felt very right that it was over and we really celebrated it. We celebrated every cast member one at a time.”

Of course, Cory Monteith — who died tragically from a heroin overdose in July 2013 — was included in the celebrations.

“We all remember Cory everyday, one of the best guys I’ve known. We all still remember and love him everyday,” Lynch said. “I love the whole cast and I’ll see them in life, but when the show ends you won’t see them like you used to. Everyone is going to go on with their lives… I’ll miss it.”

However, it hasn’t all been sad. Lynch admits the end has been bittersweet, especially with all the cool things they’re doing on the show to really finish it off on a high note (pun intended).

“This last season they’ve really pulled out all the stops. I love it,”the 54-year-old revealed. “The stuff with Dot-Marie Jones — the transgender character, everything she went through. I think they’re going to be very impactful. I think they worked for the audience and shooting them was a real delight.”

She continues,”[The show has] been mind-blowing for forward-thinking. It’s nice to not get up on a soap box, [but] to do it through the show. It’s good to have really hated characters that you love at the end and characters that are so good you want to spank them! Matt Morrison’s character is like that, he’s so lovely and he’s just like that in real life.”

As for Ms. Sylvester? Fans can expect to hear her sing again before the credits roll one last time — an ABBA song with Morrison. “That was brutal,” she admits.